Lebanese Fitness

LFA has signed contracts with top organizations in the world and fitness school programs in Spain, Slovenia, and Cyprus. If you are a passionate fitness lover and want to turn this passion into a career, LFA will do you the best favor ever. LFA certifications are lifetime certifications. There are no limitations. LFA supports its students even after finishing the courses. We help them create immediate jobs which they can invest in and make more money.Lebanese fitness academy has three branches among Lebanon. In Saida, it is an academy within FitnessTime Gym. Rima’s Fitness in Nabatieh and Fitness Plus Gym in Beirut are another two branches for the academy.

Lebanese Fitness

Free workshops are also a part of our program and educational support. Our educators are much interested to spread awareness and knowledge and share their expertise. LFA kangoo jumps and Freestyler instructors are considered partner instructors and we always make sure that they benefit from the opportunity offered to them.
It is a decision of your own now! All you need is to sign up if you are a fitness enthusiast or a fitness instructor and your desire is to join our team.

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