freestyler is a worldwide company in Slovenia, has developed the notion of Functional  Training to help people perform exercises easily and efficiently while shaping and toning the body without any injuries.Freestyler is considered as the smallest gym workout product in the world, and also as an indoor workout equipment for gyms and group classes. It also serves as the best solution for personal trainers who target home clients. Freestyler international company supports its instructors through the freestyler international instructor network, freestyler application, instructors’ website locator, videos and workout plan ideas shared by master fitness trainers around the world.

Freestyler Mission is to inspire people to adopt a healthy lifestyle in parallel with achieving workout goals and weight loss.

Freestyler educational programs are patented and registered as a trade mark. If you want to become a freestyler personal trainer or group exercise instructor, then you have joined a mission for toning up the planet!

Freestyler workouts promotes functional training accompanied by the usage of multi-level elastic tubes.


Certificates are signed by The Master Trainer and the mother company In Slovenia. Freestyler course content would mainly include the following:


  • What is Freestyler
  • Body Anatomy
  • Exercise goals
  • What exercise can be done using freestyler board
  • The moves’ techniques( weight training VS elastic Tubes)
  • Exercise physiology principles
  • Sports Nutrition
  • How to design a personal training program
  • Practical sessions
  • How to run a group class using Freestyler board

Taking this course will allow you to understand weight training vs elastic bands. it will also help you to make the training program successful inspite of any challenge, and whether your personal training session is at home, at the gym or online.

At the end of this course practical personal training sessions will be performed to ensure a complete understanding of what you have learned.


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