Kangoo Jumps are the World’s Lowest Impact sports shoes. The original purpose of kangoo jumps was to create a recreation for athletes recovering from leg injuries and be able to participate in sports events. Kangoo Jumps Classes and programs are designed now for everyone for getting fit while having fun and became one of the  best fitness programs for losing weight.

Moreover, they are considered the preferable classes for kids at the age of 8 years for its great advantages. Some of the advantages are: building coordination, endurance, good body posture and healthy weight. Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes is a life fitness exercise program that provides the most effective and efficient form of a full of full body workout. Lebanese Fitness accademy gives five courses using Kangoo Jumps Boots:


  • Kangoo Power
  • Kangoo dance
  • Kangoo Boot Camp
  • Kangoo Kick and Punch
  • Kangoo Discovery



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