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It was an amazing experience, I'm really inspired by Maya, she's such inspiration, each word she said is priceless and full of experience, she thought us from the bottom of her heart years and years of experience,hard work and failures, it's really rare to find authentic and hard working people like her these days. Learned a lot from her even more than just personal training💖💖💖💖
Christy Chibany
It was a amazing course with the master coach maya zaidan .this is really a professional fitness academy. A lot of positive vibes . Our teaching skills improved.Maya Zaidan is a real life coach.This Aerobics fitness course was amazing
Samah Noutfaji
I felt that I can reach the rainbow. Amazing experience with Maya Zaidan. I got inspired. I did the personal training freestyle course then the Aerobics exercise to music course. I am really satisfied with this experience.
Carol Zeidan
Don't limit your challenges, challenge your limits! If you are looking for great successful experience where you can live a healthy lifestyle and do the best to be aware of your body and conscious so you have to attempt the sessions in LFA and learn from the best in&out spirit, powerful woman Maya Zaydan whom I have the honor to meet. I wish you all the best coach💪🏻👍🏻❤️
Carole Tannous

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